Premium Plan

Premium package - includes everything to solve the problem of aligning employee data with the company's signature template. Supported by the automatic assignment of signatures for new hires in the company.

Unlimited number of signature updates

Premium package - includes everything to solve the problem of aligning employee data with the company's signature template. Supported by the automatic assignment of signatures for new hires in the company.

Console for central management of signatures

You pay only for those addresses that will actually use the central management of signatures.

Ready system from the first login

Wide possibilities of configuration to your own specifications. Your administrators can manage signatures for all employees from one place, configure options for synchronizing data with Google Workspace, and apply different variations of templates.

Premium Plan
Payment only for primary addresses that are not excluded
Key features:
Central management of signatures
Personalized employee variables
Automatic e-mail signature broadcasting
Update schedule
Employee records
Media space
Automatic data update
Managing data import and export
Adding content in HTML
Unlimited number of administrative accounts
Ask for a test account for 14 days

What does access to gSignature include?


Integration with Google Workspace and central setting of signatures through the Gmail API


Ongoing synchronization of data with Google Workspace (employee data, units, groups).


Unlimited number of signature updates (e-mail signatures)

Administrative Accounts

Unlimited number of administrative accounts

What does access to gSignature include?


Place any links, for example, to a survey, about the company or registration for an industry conference, and track the attracted traffic from the exposed content in the signature.


Marketing campaign in the e-mail signature? Nothing could be easier! With one click, you can change to all employees a banner promoting the company's latest product or awards received. Analyze the results of the directly promoted campaign in Google Analytics.

Legal clauses

Manageable from one place legal disclaimers regarding the confidentiality of correspondence and the entity responsible for processing personal data. Change company data or share capital in seconds? With this option, all updates will be efficiently placed according to company policy with all employees.

"The ability to add banner ads or footnotes for dozens of users in 5 seconds? Ideal. After implementing the solution, we change the banners periodically and our customers know in real time what promotions, products we have. I recommend."

Przemysław Grzymała

CEO at HelpHero

"gSignature is a very intuitive application that strongly streamlines the implementation and editing of company employees' signatures. A huge plus of this tool is the constant contact with a competent maintainer, who quickly solves all problems and provides advice."

Paweł Jędrzejczyk

Graphic designer at Korner

"With the help of gSignature, we achieved a consistent e-mail signature design for all employees. We can always count on support from a company that takes our needs into account and always tries to find the right technical solutions for us."

Sonia Głuszczuk

Designer at Callstack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Price list
How is the payment accounted for?

Payment is made in arrears, in monthly billing periods. If services are used during a partial billing period, the fee will be charged on a pro rata basis.

How are the fees calculated?

The fee is charged for each user for whom the customer has not used the option to exclude the email address from the central update of signatures. VAT will be added to the price.

What is the payment term?

The payment term is 14 days, from the issuance of the invoice. Invoices will be sent electronically - to the email address indicated in the order. If the customer delays payment of remuneration, interest will be charged at the statutory interest rate.

Can the service be terminated and when?

Termination of the services indicated in the offer must be made with 30 days' notice. With effect at the end of the month. Termination may be sent, via email (documentary form) by an authorized representative of the customer.

We stipulate that the termination of services referred to in the offer does not imply the termination of other services that you have ordered through us or through a Partner. Termination of other services you have ordered through the Partner does not also mean termination of the services indicated in this offer.

Can the provider terminate the service?

We are entitled to terminate the service specified in the offer with immediate effect, in particular in case of:
a) violation by the customer of the terms of use of the gSignature service
b) arrears in payment of fees by the customer of more than 14 days
c) discontinuation of service by the gSignature provider.