Support for multiple competencies within the company

gSignature goes beyond the basics of the e-mail signature posting mechanism itself. We listen to our customers and many applications come from different company departments and competencies. Our system supports both the work of Administrators, HR but also Marketing, Sales and also the Legal Department. See how we can support you.

Administration and IT

Save time and automate. gSignature options to make administrators' jobs easier:

Default e-mail signature. Assigning a corporate e-mail signature template to each new license created in Google Workspace.

Automatic synchronization. All changes in Google Workspace are automatically saved in gSiganture.

Automatic signature update. If the data changes in Google Workspace then the system makes sure not only to update the data in the Workers file, but also to install it automatically in signatures right away.

Use 25 built-in variables plus custom variables to describe employees. Match messengers, unique identifiers or calendar links to different industries.

4 ways to update employee data. Choose one or combine multiple ways to manage employee data to tailor the system's operation to suit you:
-Synchronization with Google Workspace-Updating from CSV file
-Updating in dedicated Employees file
-Updating in application by employee

Marketing and Sales

Such an inconspicuous element as a company e-mail signature is increasingly becoming a part of a company's marketing that can also support sales. The benefits of using the gSignature system by marketing and sales.

Links. Personalized links, e.g., to an appointment calendar. Each trader can post an individual link to their own appointment calendar.

Banners. Use the one-time or recurring banner posting feature to support your marketing campaign. In a medium-sized organization, that's tens of thousands of emails sent per month. Don't waste this potential.

Surveys. When posting a link to a survey, for example, ask your customers to leave feedback about your company or the products you offer.

Plan. Plan signature creations to promote the company's annual report or a recent award.

Measure. Measure and compare the effects of specific creatives directly in Google Analytics. Each click is tagged with a UTM tag to easily filter traffic from gSignature signatures in monthly reports.

Legal and HR Department

Make sure the company is always presented in accordance with regulations and maintains a professional image.

Seeing to it that each employee posts the appropriate clauses and, if necessary, updates them himself, e.g. when company data changes, can be problematic for a team of several dozen people let alone a large organization.

Our clients manage clauses (legal disclaimers) centrally, with a single click, for example, updating all employees with a change of company address or updating a data protection clause with a new processor from one place.

Control what is sent and by whom in his signature. Clauses and company data may vary depending on the company's branch or the market in which they operate. That's why we support customers in planning signatures so that they can easily divide the organization's signatures according to their own key by assigning e-mail signature by department, group or different domains or sub domains e.g. for regional offices.