As they see you, so they write you

Learn about the wide application of the gSignature system in the company.Our platform goes beyond the basics. Present your company's achievements, certifications and accolades directly in your email signature. This strategic approach not only raises the visibility of your brand, but also enriches its perception among both customers and employees. Celebrate your company's success and let your email signatures reflect the prestige and professionalism you represent.

Standardization of an email template for each employee

Leverage the promotional potential of engaging content, such as a footer banner

Compliance clause - information obligation

Administration and IT

Our solution offers an automatic signature generation feature for new employees, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring that every minute counts. This tool not only saves valuable time, but also enhances the professional image of your company.


The platform allows you to seamlessly integrate links to your website, promotional materials and eye-catching banners directly into your email signature.

Legal department

It is the responsibility of administrators to include confidentiality information or compliance statements (legal disclaimers) in signatures. A dedicated feature of our system not only helps protect sensitive information, but also enables compliance with legal standards, providing peace of mind during every communication.