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Updates under control

You can set all signature updates: for selected addresses, organizational units or entire domains. Built-in automation mechanisms, will help in assigning signatures.

Custom or tailor-made design

With the help of the application you will instantly convert your corporate signature to a centrally managed one, or you can have us prepare a customized design. We will code it to HTML, included in the price of the service.

Cooperation on many levels

Access to the application at several levels can be only for you or more administrators, and if you wish - employees can update and install signatures on their own.

Customer Reviews

“After moving to gSignature, the initial setup of the e-mail signatures for the entire team took no more than few hours — and all this taking into account the individual needs of the team members, the variable banner inviting us to our events, and all the clauses needed. The changes we need now take a few minutes, and our team always uses a signature consistent with the company's branding.”

Ewa Bojanowska

Marketing Manager at Laurens Coster

“I am very pleased with the gSignature application, which enables effective e-mail signature management in our company. This solution not only makes it easier for us to track and control our e-mail signature, but also eliminates the risk of errors and saves time. I am impressed with the intuitive interface and fast technical support we received from the gSignature team. I highly recommend this app to any business looking for an effective e-mail signature management tool.”

Specjalista ds. IT


“Ability to add advertising banners or footnotes for dozens of users in 5 seconds? The ideal. After implementing the solution, we change banners periodically and our customers know what promotions and products we have on a regular basis. I recommend.”

Przemysław Grzymała

CEO at HelpHero

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